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Finding a Cash Flow Note Buyer

A cash flow note buyer refers to a professional who will pay you a lump sum for all or a portion of any debt instrument you are currently holding. It could be a mortgage, a land contract, business note, structured settlement, lottery winnings or any number of other receivables. It's important to find a reputable, experienced note buyer in order to ensure you get what you deserve for your note.

Selling your note gives you immediate access to a large amount of cash, which can be used for investments, payments, or large purchases. You may be retiring, or perhaps you just don't want to have to wait for small payments month after month, year after year. Regardless of the reason, cash flow note buyers can provide this cash to you without the headaches and hassles of dealing with a bank or other lending institution.

Keep in mind you do have a number of options when it comes to selling your cash flow note. You can sell the entire instrument, which is very common, or you can sell just a portion of the payments. So if you have a $100,000 note you can choose to sell just $40,000 worth, and resume receiving monthly payments after that time period. You can also split the monthly payments each month, so you're taking a portion but selling the remainder. A good cash flow note buyer will spell out all the options available to you.

What determines how much your cash flow instrument is worth? The buyer will take many things into account when figuring out a quote, but the most important factors are the payment balance, interest rate, time left, value and the payor's financial stability (timeliness of payments, credit rating, etc.) Remember, the note buyer is assuming the risk, so they have to determine if it is worth it for them to make the investment. Obviously, the less risky the note, the more they will be able to offer you.

So what do you look for when it comes to selecting cash flow note buyers? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Look for someone who has a lot of experience, someone who has been in the business for many years. He or she will be able to offer the most flexibility, competitive rates and selling options.

2. In most cases there should not be any consultation fees, points, closing costs or any other additional payments that you have to make. All of the associated costs should be included in the amount you are paid for your note.

3. Don't be afraid to ask a lot of questions. If you don't understand something or need a point clarified, speak up. This is an important transaction, and reputable cash flow note buyers will happily answer any questions you may have. Make sure they tell you all of your options, including partial and full sale possibilities.

4. When you have decided to proceed, get everything in writing. Make sure that everything you talked about is included, and make sure you understand all of the terms.

5. One of the most important things is feeling comfortable throughout the entire process. You will always make the best decisions when you are most at ease, so find a cash flow note buyer that you have a good rapport with.

No matter what type of financial instrument you are selling, there are cash flow note buyers out there that are willing to purchase them from you. Hopefully we've helped make it a little easier to find a good one!

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Do you have a note to sell?

Our experts have researched dozens of top note buyers across the country to determine which are the very best.

In order to arrive at their top recommendation, they created a list of strict criteria which the company would have to meet. Only after meeting ALL of these criteria would a note buyer become a recommended resource for our visitors.

Here are the criteria they must meet:

* Extensive experience with note buying   * Stellar reputation in the industry
* Excellent customer service   * Repeat business and referrals
* Maximum prices for notes    * Quick turnaround times
* Helpful staff   * Qualified underwriting team
* Diversified services    * Free preliminary valuations

We set the bar very high to ensure that the company we recommended would provide the very best service to our visitors.

What we found was some companies met most of the criteria, but did not meet a few important ones such as repeat business, competitive pricing or free valuations. Those are very important elements of the note buying process.

There was one company that did meet all (10) of the criteria outline above, along with a few additional criteria that we did not include. We were very impressed with what we found and can confidently recommend the company to our visitors.

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