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If you are looking to sell your real estate, land contract, structured settlement, promissory note, business note or any other cash flow paper, we can help you.

Just follow the link provided to receive a free, no obligation price quote for your note.

Try to provide as much information as possible so that you can receive a fast, accurate valuation for the note.

We work with only the top note buyers in the industry, so you can be sure you are getting the maximum value.

Do you have a note to sell?

Our experts have researched dozens of top note buyers across the country to determine which are the very best.

In order to arrive at their top recommendation, they created a list of strict criteria which the company would have to meet. Only after meeting ALL of these criteria would a note buyer become a recommended resource for our visitors.

Here are the criteria they must meet:

* Extensive experience with note buying   * Stellar reputation in the industry
* Excellent customer service   * Repeat business and referrals
* Maximum prices for notes    * Quick turnaround times
* Helpful staff   * Qualified underwriting team
* Diversified services    * Free preliminary valuations

We set the bar very high to ensure that the company we recommended would provide the very best service to our visitors.

What we found was some companies met most of the criteria, but did not meet a few important ones such as repeat business, competitive pricing or free valuations. Those are very important elements of the note buying process.

There was one company that did meet all (10) of the criteria outline above, along with a few additional criteria that we did not include. We were very impressed with what we found and can confidently recommend the company to our visitors.

If you are ready to sell your note just follow the link provided to visit Nationwide Secured Capital, a leading nationwide note buyer with over a decade of experience in the industry.

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